Dear all classmates (by bcc),

I have pleasure to attach a self-explanatory letter from our mother school seeking your support to a raffle sale to raise the shortfall needed to complete the redevelopment of the school hall which will be put into use in 2014.

I hope you will respond positively to this appeal and even spread the news to your friends who are willing to help or need a diamond ring for whatever reason. Pl. act asap since these $50 tickets will be sold until 18/10 or while stock lasts. There are 200 prizes to be won and they are listed in the link below.

Daniel Mak

[forwarded by AK 20130906]

Dear all classmates (by bcc),

Further to my earlier email in which I have asked you to mark your diary for two important events in Sept., I am writing to invite you to indicate your participation so that the appropriate no. of tables can be booked and food ordered beforehand.

a. The Sept. lunch gathering will be held at noon on Sat. 14/9 at the Moon Koon Rest. in the Happy Valley Racecourse. The table is booked by Peter Lo. We'll use this occasion to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and share some moon cakes.  Pl. let me and Peter Lo know by Wed. 11/9 if you are coming; and

b. Camillus Chan Yue Chou of  CA, USA and Bernard Chan Chi Cheung (aka Jesus) of Van., Canada are returning home via HK after a visit to China. The former was present in our last reunion as a stand-up comedian and the latter has been away for decades. To meet and greet them, a room has been booked by Alex Shuen at the Chinese Rest. in the Amenities Building of City U of HK (near the Kowloon Tong MTR Station) for 6:30 pm on Fri. 27/9. Dinner will be served at 7:30 pm. (For those who drive, parking is available at City U. for four hours at a nominal fee.) If you are coming, pl. email me with copy to Alex Shuen before Tues. 24/9. Though Cam. has not yet agreed to do another show for us, if there is a good turnout this time, I don't think he'll refuse. So, pl. do come and be ready to have a good laugh.

In both events, you are welcome to discuss and raise any Qs about the upcoming 60th birthday celebrations in Nov. with any member of the Working Group. You are also welcome to inspect the City U. Chinese Rest. where our gala dinner will be held. So, pl. do email me NOW (with copy to Peter and/or Alex too) to join these two events to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and greet your fellow classmates. 


Daniel Mak

 PS -- We are looking for a venue to host the Oct. lunch for classmates. If you have a suitable place, pl. let me know. Thanks.


[forwarded by AK on 20130902]

20130831 News for sharing

Articles of Peter Lee WingHo and KenE, and the Blog of Camillus Y. Chan have been added.


20130729 Aug Monthly Lunch Gathering

Dear classmates (by bcc),
I write to invite you to attend our August lunch gathering at noon on Sat. 17 August at the Shing Hin Chinese Rest. of City U. of HK (8 or 9/F Amenities Building), City U., Yau Yat Chuen. The table is booked by Shuen Pak Chin, Alex. Those who do not know how to get there can access the CityU websites below to get a location map.  or 
If you want to join, please email me with copy to Alex (to whom this email is addressed) before Wed., 14 August so that suitable table arrangement can be made.
Thanks to Alex, the same place has been tentatively reserved for our 60th birthday party on 8 Nov. and we'll take the opportunity to evaluate its suitability.  So, please do come to this gathering to give us your view. 

Daniel Mak

[forwarded by anthony kwan]

20130701 July Monthly Lunch Gathering

Dear classmates ,

Following the success of our June lunch gathering in which we have been able to welcome a few classmates who seldom appeared (like Lam Bun, Peter), I write to invite you to attend our coming lunch gathering at noon on Sat13 July at the Chinese Rest. of the Police Officers' Club in Causeway Bay. The table is booked by Chan Wah Shing, Caesar.
If you want to join, please email me with copy to Caesar (to whom this email is addressed) before 10 July so that suitable table arrangement can be made.

Thanks to Caesar, the same place has been tentatively reserved for our 60th birthday party on 8 Nov. and we'll take the opportunity to evaluate its suitability. (The Wah Yan Old Boys' Assn. once used this venue to organize a birthday party for Father Deignan and our class fielded one table.) If you have other suitable venues, we can use it for our Aug. gathering for the same purpose. So, please let me know your other proposals and come to this gathering to help us evaluate the place. 
Fyi, we are also evaluating the Nov. travel package supplied by several tour operators and will provide you with the details and costs soon.

Daniel Mak
1 Jul 2013

(forwarded by anthony kwan)

20130520 Gathering at Club de Recreio

Dear all classmates,

Cheung Tai Fu is visiting HK later this month and he has agreed to attend a dinner gathering with classmates on Mon., 20 May at Club de Recreio at  20 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon (near QEH). It will be a Portuguese dinner starting from 7:30 pm. You are welcome to arrive from 6:30 pm for a drink. If you would like to join, call (67079653) or email me before 15 May.

Kwok Bit Tsit is now in HK but he won't be available to attend this dinner because of other commitments, even if we move the date. I am now trying to set up a lunch meeting with him and we may meet at Tai Wing Wah at Wanchai. Watch out for call email at short notice if you want to join.

BTW, Ernie Tsui reminded me that we opened not only 15 but some 20 bottles of wine at our last French dinner. Thanks again to Ernie for footing not only the wine bill but a small deficit of the dinner. 

Hope to see you at the coming dinner on 20 May.

Daniel Mak


[forwarded by anthony kwan]

20130207 John NG Sheung On has left us

Dear Classmates,

I sadly write to inform you that our WY71 classmate John Ng Sheung On passed away yesterday (Toronto time) of cancer.  His wife, Esther, and their two daughters were at his bedside.
Esther called me 30 minutes ago and asked me to relay the news to classmates. I do not have too much details at this moment.
May John rest in peace.
Simon Tam,

[Forwarded by anthony Kwan, 20130208]

20120710 Reunion at Tak Kee

A dinner gathering was arranged to receive John Fung from New Jersey.
(L to R - Daniel Mak, Chris ng, Patrick Chan, James Cheung, Bob Lau, John Fung, Samuel Hui, CF Cheng, Anthony Kwan) 

20121007 Photo album of the Tai Tam/ Shek O hiking and BBQ
20121007 TaiTam/Shek O hiking and BBQ

20121007 Hiking and BBQ 

Dear classmates,

We have a nice time in the dinner with Lapyan and his wife Rowena last Thursday and our next activity will the Hiking and BBQ a week after 中秋.

Hiking will start at 2:30pm at Hong Kong Parkview (陽明山莊), exact gathering location to be advised. The walk will take around 3 hours and is suitable for most people. Ernie will be the contact person for hiking. We shall have lunch at the Parkview club ( So Chung Wai will make reservation ) at around 12:30pm before the walk.

BBQ at Sydney Chung's place at Shek O starting around 6pm. For those who don't know the address please contact Daniel Mak or Sydney directly. Caesar and Paulina will again make us some real delicious food with some new recipes added this time!

Some classmates have already enrolled and for those who have not yet, please consider joining and reply to me by mid next week ( Oct. 5 ).

Looking forward to seeing all this time. 



Chris Ng


[forwarded by AK 20120930]

20120814 13th Wah Yan International Conference

Dear Classmates, 

Your support has made the 13th Wah Yan International Conference, if not the best, at least one of the most memorable IC ever. Our class of ’71 sponsored the attendance of Fr. Deignan, Fr. John Russell and Fr. Stephen Chow. Fr. Deignan flew in from Ireland and my co-chair met him at the airport while I waited for his arrival at the conference hotel. Fr. Russell who is 86 flew direct from HK. This was his second time in the US but his first time in NY.  Fr. Chow was in Boston for a Jesuit high school world-wide meeting before coming to NY (Principal Tam and Principal Tan also attended the meeting in Boston). Who else were at the IC? We’ve several former teachers and among them were Geoffrey Leung (lab Leung) and Helen Ho (Mrs. Lee). We’ve  good participation from our class: William Wu (Bay area, CA), Alan Lo & wife (NJ), Patrick Lam (PA), John Fung & wife(PA), and from Toronto – Louis Huang, Paulus Ng, Li Shing Fu & wife and Lau Ming Jarm & wife. Ming Jarm was also one of the panelists who shared with us their experience of being Men for Others.

The conference was a two and a half day event. The theme of the conference was “Men for Others.” The ideal of helping others in need with compassion has been central to our Jesuit education. The registration and meet and greet reception was in the Friday afternoon. On Saturday we heard reports from the two schools and Fr. Deignan gave a keynote address on the modern challenges to our values. In particular he touched on two basic moral values: respect (inner attitude) and responsibility (points towards others). Fr. Deignan points out Men for Others are different; they can make a difference by living their values of respect and responsibility. After lunch Fr. Chow gave a presentation on the planning of  the Jesuit liberal arts university in HK. It seems this project has occupied much of his time lately. About 100 people attended the conference (I counted 93 in a group picture). In the evening on Saturday was the gala dinner and it was attended by about 160 people. Fr. Russell said grace before the meal and he demonstrated his resourcefulness by showing us how to use a candle to thaw a frozen dessert that’s too hard to bite into. Sunday morning began with a Cantonese mass in the conference hotel given by Fr. Chow and co-celebrated by Fr. Deignan and Fr. Russell. This has to be an all time record (for a service not in a church). I counted about 70 people attended the mass. The morning continued with more presentations from different alumni chapters. In the evening we had a dinner cruise in the NY harbor. The highlight was a close approach to the Statute of Liberty.  

Fr. Deignan was able to spend some time with his family. His younger brother a retired NY police came up with his wife from N. Carolina to visit with Fr. Deignan for a day on Thursday. A niece visited Fr. Deignan on Monday morning before he left for a short visit to Singapore to see a Jesuit friend who is gravely ill. Fr. Russell did some sightseeing too. He saw the Brooklyn bridge; did a downtown walking tour; visited UN and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We also treated him to a dinner in Chinatown and another dinner in Little Italy.

Overall it was a hectic and busy three days. The generosity of the Class of ’71 was recognized in several places in the conference program book (I don’t have a soft copy to share with you yet): donors list, sponsors of the 3 fathers, and a 1-page ads I placed on behalf of the class (my donation).    


Again, thank you all for your thoughtfulness and sponsorship of the fathers. The next IC will be in HK and I hope to see you there if not sooner.



Cheng Lapyan
Co-Chair of IC2012        

14 Aug 2012, 12:31p.m.

(Forwarded by AK 20120814)  

Marathon 2013

Dear Wahyanites, 

Greetings from The Wah Yan One Family Foundation! We would like to report to you our progress thus far. As at end of March 2012, we had raised $94 million for the Dream of Wah Yan Campaign. Since 2009, more than $32 million has been appropriated to the two Wah Yan Colleges to implement small class teaching, teacher formation and whole person development activities for our young Wahyanites. 

Under the new 3-3-4 secondary school curriculum, our Schools need much more resources to provide extra care and support to help our senior form students cope with the requirements of the new public examination, The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (香港中學文憑). The Foundation is going to appropriate $7.5 million each year to help our Schools sustain our Dream for our young boys in the next five years. Nonetheless this is not enough, because our Schools have estimated that they need around $13 million each year in the coming years. 

Facing this imminent need, the Foundation will set out to raise more fund to continue our support to the Schools. The highlight of our fundraising initiatives this year is the Alan Tam WYOFF Fundraising Concert, scheduled to be held on Saturday, 22ndDecember 2012 at Hall 5B&C, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Mr. Alan Tam Wing Lun, Hong Kong’s top pop artiste, will perform with our alumni and boys to help Wah Yan. We need you and your classmates to support the Concert, so that we can raise as much as possible for our young boys. 

We have also revamped our website recently. Now please click: to view the reports from Fr Deignan and our Principals on the needs of our Schools. Meanwhile, please circulate this message to your Schoolmates to alert them that we need to work closer together to help our young Wahyanites. We will visit you and your classmates to explain the detail soon. 

Thank you and your selfless support means everything for the good of Wah Yan! 

Best wishes,


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