20130618 Window Utilities (KenE)

Using HTML, the below list wd also have the embedded URL as to the website of each of the application.

When computer turns funny, the On demand antivirus scanners should definitely be deployed as no one Antivirus /Antimalware detects 100% of everything. NotablyESET Online Scanner (free) is deemed to the most thorough.
I also use MyDefrag to defrag my hard drive at least monthly.

Windows Secrets Newsletter

The ultimate Windows Secrets utilities list

Diagnostics and repair

Total system

    • Piriform CCleaner (free and paid versions) √√
    • SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner (reader recommended)

Operating system

    • Resplendence WhoCrashed (free and paid; reader recommended)

Hard drive

    • EFD Software HD Tune (free and paid)



Imaging applications

General Utilities



On demand antivirus scanners

Password vaults

System/application updating